Past puppies

Past puppies

Here are a few pictures of our previous puppies.

Dirty face! Jasmine and Jacob's puppy!
Little dirty face

Jacob and two of his boys from JadieMay.

Jacob's boy with Jasmine.

ow is Roxie
Roxie - JadieMay's first girl all grown up. Isn't she just so pretty??

Below is Molly at birth and Molly now. Look at those pretty blue eyes!
tiny girlMolly

Little girl sleeping

Jax - Jacob and JadieMay's boy.
 Jax then and now.   
Barbara and Jax

What a good buddy!
On their way home. 

Bandit with his new mom!
Bandit and his new mom
Bandit at the lake!
Bandit at the lake!

Tucker loves his new home!
Tucker having a blast!
Tucker having a blast!
Tucker and his new buddy Jax! One of Josie's puppies! Look at that snow!
Tucker, Jax and their family!
This is the laterst picture of Tucker and Jax! WOW! What good looking boys!
Tucker and Jax -

Grace and her new buddy - Josie's puppy
Grace's new family
Grace's favorite spot

Grace's favorite spot

This little girl is smaller than her name! Topanga Canyon Rose
e!Topanga and mom!

Here's Will and his new brother - Sniper! Josie's puppy!
Will and Sniper

California girl Sadie with her proud mama Cindy!
Cindy and Sadie

Andrea and Justin with Griffin!

Andrea, Justin and Griffin

Willow - what a great looking family

Murphy enjoying the coool floor in Michigan!

These two make a great team! Go Rudy!