Guys and Gals

Guys and Gals


Jasmine in the summer
This is Jasmine. The queen of the house.
She was born October 2005. She's the mother of JadieMay and Joy.
Jasmine is a little heavy at 26 pounds. Height is 15".
She is NKC, AKC and NSDR registered.


I've had it!
This is Junior.  He's our very special boy.  He loves to be held
and vacumned!
He was born in October 2005 and the father of JadieMay.
He has been neutered.
He is 15" and 23 lbs and registered NKC and ASDR.

JadieMay (and Josie)
4th of July hike
This is JadieMay. The second smallest at 14" and 19 lbs.
She is the daughter of Jasmine and Junior born in May 2007.
She had one litter born in March of 2009 and a second litter April 4, 2011. No more litters for this girl. 
She is NKC and ASDR registered.

Jacob (and grand daughter Emily)
Jacob getting some attention.
I didn't do it!
This is Jacob. He was born in February 2008 and has fathered six litters. All beautiful puppies!
He's just a sweet dog but a big baby!
Jacob is on the bigger side of the miniatures at almost 40 lbs and 17" and NKC and ASDR registered.

Josie Rose
ahhh I'm so spoiled!
This little girl is Josie Rose born November of 2009. She joined our happy family February 25th 2010.
She's a beautiful red merle who is ASDR and NKC registered.
She comes from two beautiful dogs, a red tri and a red merle. 

Below is  Jack Blueboy. He's a black tri with bright blue eyes. He does make  pretty puppies with Joy. He is NKC and ASDR registered. He came to us on April 29, 2011.
.Jack Blueboy
Jack in Fall

Jack has grown a bit but probably won't get much bigger. He's stocky but only 14" tall.

Newest member - Joy. She is Jasmine's and Jacob's girl born 10/28/12. Last girl for Jasmine.

Taking in the beautiful view!

Taking in the view

A rest while hiking at the beach.

At the beach!